Biodiverse Environment Landscape Visualisation

Location: Greater Manchester, UK | Client: ENVIRONMENT BANK

Environment Visualisation

We created these fully CG images to visualise a piece of land as a transformed biodiverse habitat on farmland in the UK. We get a lot of satisfaction working on these ecology-focussed landscape visualisation projects, as it is so vitally important to us all – the generation of biodiverse habitats with native flora and fauna to replace what has been lost over the years.

Though it may not be obvious to the casual observer, the plant species shown here have been specified and selected because of their location in the UK and the local soil types etc, and this was an important factor to get right in the visualisations for our client, Environment Bank.

The location here is an actual site in Greater Manchester, and represents a real location.

For more examples of our landscape visualisation, projects page.

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