Biodiverse Habitat Showcase Virtual Tour

Explore The Virtual Tour below

This virtual tour is a showcase of what we can create for your future biodiverse habitat / ELMs project / landscape recovery project / BNG environment.

Using 3D visualisation as a basis for a Virtual Tour is an excellent way of taking stakeholders and interested parties on a journey to understanding the future enhancements to the landscape, which take many years to mature, and can sometimes be difficult to demonstrate in traditional ways.

There are a number of different hotspots that can be added to the tour, for example:

  • ​​scene connect
  • media
  • images
  • article
  • video
  • sound
  • link
  • combo
  • tour guide
  • lens flare

– each with flexible styling and behaviour options.

We can create all the visuals you need from scratch to help communicate the vision you have for your project.

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