Biodiverse Habitat Visualisation


Working closely with our client Environment Bank, we produced this 10 second animation as well as a series of still images.

Environment Bank is establishing Habitat Banks across England, restoring large areas of meadow, woodland and wetland. Since it takes between 10 – 30 years for a habitat to mature, none of them can be shown to prospective clients and investors yet.‌

Click here to view the high-resolution version on YouTube

For The Ruby Cube, our challenge was to visualise the habitats using supplied locations, maps and lists of flora and fauna, carefully creating a realistic representation of what the ecologists have planned for the plots of land.

The resulting visualisations have successfully captured Environment Bank’s vision, and are being used across all marketing collateral, business development and with investors.

We created a series of 360 panoramas that are linked together in this virtual tour, and can be navigated around as if you are travelling around the site. In a project of this size, it is a good way to showcase different site-specific features and get a sense of the scale of the project.

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