Biodiversity Net Gain Visuals | Harrogate

Location: Harrogate, UK | Client: ENVIRONMENT BANK

Project Type: BNG Visualisation | Ecology

Biodiversity Net Gain Visualisation

BNG habitat visualisation is a powerful tool that allows us to visualise the future state of proposed biodiverse habitats.
We developed these realistic CG images to portray the transformation of land into a biodiverse habitat in the UK. These habitats take time to fully mature, so showcasing the future state of these units is crucial in gaining support from stakeholders and landowners who can see the potential impact. We take a lot of pride and joy in creating these ecology-focused landscape visualisation projects. To play even a small part in the process of regenerating natural habitats is a real privilege, and gives us a lot of satisfaction.

This project was commissioned with the intention of the images being installed on-site on information boards, since the area has public right-of-ways. As there will be changes happening to well-worn pathways, it was a crucial step to allow local people to see the positive impact that the changes will have on the environment.

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