Cineworld Virtual Tour onboarding experience

Location: UK | Client: Cirrus Software / Cineworld

In collaboration with Cirrus Software, we created an onboarding virtual tour for Cineworld. They were looking for a creative solution to the induction process of new staff, and we were selected to offer our expertise in 3D design to create the onboarding portal virtual tour.
We got together with the Cineworld team, and developed a design for a fictitious virtual cinema that we would use in an interactive tour that could facilitate the learning experience. The result is this fully featured virtual tour, with interconnected rooms and areas that a user can navigate through, clicking on info spots to learn about the different aspects of working at the cinema.
Throughout the virtual tour, there are ‘hotspots’ that the user can click on, and like this example, a popup appears with further information.

Click the screen below to enter the Virtual Experience

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