Landscape Recovery Animation / Visualisation

Location: Northumberland, UK | Client: RESTORE

Nature / Landscape recovery Animation

In collaboration with Restore, we created this animation which showcased proposed nature restoration in the Northumberland Moors.

Our work visualises the transformation of the land from its current state into a thriving biodiverse landscape.

Working to a very tight deadline and with a lose brief, we worked hard to produce this animation in time for our client.

The goal was to demonstrate visually what nature recovery could look like in this part of the Northumberland Moors, with a rich and thriving biodiverse landscape being created.

To create these nature visualisations, we use DEFRA LiDAR and satellite imagery to create a 3D representation of the real landscape without needing to visit the site or send drones. From that point we populate the terrain with existing vegetation, and then develop a 3D version of the proposed habitats.

Creating this 3D model gives us the flexibility to create various forms of visual content that suits our clients different use scenarios. We can produce still images for print and web, animations for web, presentations and exhibitions, and virtual tours for interactivity and public engagement.

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