Queens Grove Landscape Visualisation


Working with renowned landscape designers Rosebank Landscapes, we had the pleasure of creating these garden visualisations for them. We opted for lighting reminiscent of a bright, sunny English day to showcase this gorgeous garden. The design brief was fairly loose, and we relied on our experience in working with this client to fill the beds with appropriate species of plant where they weren’t specified.

We have many 3D plants in our library, but this particular project required us to create a 3D model of the Prunus Serrula (Tibetan Cherry) with it’s coppery-brown shiny bark.

We produced a set of images that captured the different spaces within the garden, and also developed a virtual tour which gives a person the ability to virtually walk through the garden, seeing how the spaces all tie together.

We created a series of 360 panoramas that are linked together in this virtual tour (above), and can be navigated around as if you are travelling around the garden. In a project like this with several areas of interest, it is a good way to showcase different features within the design.

Panoramic Images

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