At The Ruby Cube, we specialize in delivering exceptional 3D services for landscape architects, garden designers, ecologists, conservationists and architects. Our goal is to bring your designs to life!

Our expertise lies in producing high-quality digital 3D content. From stunning images to immersive animations and interactive 360/VR experiences, we are adept at creating custom solutions tailored to each project’s unique needs, budget, and objectives. We work closely with clients from the outset to ensure that we fully understand their vision and goals, so that we can deliver 3D solutions that truly add value. When faced with restrictions or challenges, we are always committed to finding practical and effective ways to work within any parameters, guaranteeing outstanding results every time.

If you’re interested in making a connection, or have a project that needs to be visualised, we would love to hear from you and chat about how we can collaborate with you. We’re responsive, friendly, and efficient and would love to be involved in your next project – let’s have a chat!


"We were looking for a landscape artist to work on a series of unique, innovative projects and Karen certainly delivered. She has shown amazing patience, vision and imagination whilst working to a very specific brief and delivered work we couldn’t be happier with. We hope to work with The Ruby Cube on many more projects in the future."

Rob Wreglesworth ,

Environment Bank

"Our partnership with The Ruby Cube has been successful for over 3 years, and it's a testament to their dedication and professionalism. They have a unique understanding of the elements that make a space and have the ability to bring the ambiance of these elements to life. They listen closely to our feedback and consistently deliver outstanding results. This attention to detail and customer satisfaction is what sets The Ruby Cube apart from many other companies in the architecture space. "

Jonathan Everett,

Orium Design

"When you are in the business of interpreting peoples visions with the hope to inspire, Karen’s work not only meets the brief but exceeds expectations. Taking our kernel of an idea and moulding it into something truly meaningful and beautiful."

Chris Pike,


"Environment Bank is establishing Habitat Banks across England. These are large-scale restoration projects, including meadows, woodland and wetland. Our problem was that these take 10–30 years to mature, so we didn’t really know what they would look like. We provided The Ruby Cube with maps of our site and a list of fauna and flora we will be looking to introduce. From there, Karen has produced stunning visuals and animations that perfectly capture our vision. They are used across all marketing material, business development, and by our investors—replacing words and ideas with beautiful imagery. I couldn't recommend The Ruby Cube more."

Fraser Rutherford,

Environment Bank

"The Ruby Cube’s visuals are of a very high quality and standard. Their process is well thought out and collaborative, taking on board feedback and ultimately realising the full visual potential of the design. It is no easy feat to be able to render planting so beautifully and The Ruby Cube makes it look effortless and most importantly natural. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for high quality renders for their landscape projects"

Tom Simpson,

award-winning Landscape & Garden Designer

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